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The most recent studies on the physical chemistry of crosslinking have enabled the development of a brilliant product that provides a unique solution, satisfying the wishes of doctors and patients. A natural, safe, comfortable and easy to apply and long lasting results. Style is the versatile Jalor Filler for all types of aesthetic corrections.

It is now indisputable that filling wrinkles and in - creasing the volume in the face is not the only way to obtain total rejuvenation of the face; this is why natural, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid has an important role in combating and preventing skin aging, allowing skin elasticity and firmness to be regained.

The particular formulation of JALOR , with its extremely high concentration of hyaluronic acid (18 mg/1 ml) together with a high concen - tration of glycerol (20 mg/ml) and ultra high mo - lecular weight (3 million Daltons: double or even three times that of many rival formulas!), allows the recreation of the optimum physiological envi - ronment for fibroblast proliferation and migration and for the neo-synthesis of collagen, elastin and other constituents of the extracellular matrix.

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